The current sugar policy in the United States a system of price supports and import restrictions cannot be justified on economic or humanitarian grounds. Using a combination of preferential loan agreements and a protectionist quota/tariff regime, the U.S. maintains an artificially high price for sugar -- a price that can be as high as twice the world market price. The cost of this price support and tariff regime includes lost jobs in sugar-related industries, lost export potential, higher food prices for U.S. consumers, and taxes that fund the subsidization of the growers themselves. In addition, the U.S. sugar program causes environmental damage, particularly in Florida, and blights economic opportunities for many small farmers in developing countries.

This wasteful price support program has remained in place for too long thanks to the lobbying efforts of the powerful U.S. sugar industry. Non-profit organizations from across the political spectrum are now calling on President George W. Bush and Members of Congress to end this wasteful price support program immediately.

Click here to read the Open Letter to President Bush and the U.S. Congress.

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